How to Process New Zealand Visa From India


New Zealand is one of the famous tourist destinations for its sunrise and sunset sceneries. Ranging from mountain to mountains and going underground for looking at the caves, enjoying the peacetime on the beaches.


There are plenty of exotic locations you can visit while in New Zealand. The most amazing and unique thing to watch here is to experience its wildlife, especially birds.


The people of New Zealand welcomes tourists with open and wholeheartedly. There are many things that you just can’t miss in here so whenever you plan on going to visit New Zealand you should take a long trip so that you will be able to explore and experience every little thing about New Zealand and this long trip will make you fall in love with it.


Before falling in love with New Zealand one thing you must make sure that you own a New Zealand Visa. if you don’t have a visa you won’t be able to enjoy anything, most importantly while applying for a visa make sure to apply for New Zealand Tourist Visa for touring around the country. Things you shouldn’t miss during your tour to New Zealand.



This city is located on the north island of New Zealand. Auckland is built upon the dozen of volcanoes. The most famous thing in this city is Sky Tower, it is the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and the most popular places to visit in this city is Mount Eden and One Tree Hill. It is a multi-cultural city.


The wines and the cuisines are quite popular among the tourist. Apart from these, there are many beaches that you should not miss. Some beaches like Muriwai beach from is a popular beach for surfing and the beach named Karekare has become the famous beach because being the backdrop for the movie called “The Piano”.


Apart from this Auckland has some other islands as well which is worth seeing. Islands like great barrier island which is famous for a boating, wildlife sanctuary and beaches. Mataka island is also quite famous for beaches, vineyard, and some local art sceneries. Waiheke Island is 35 minutes away from Auckland by ferry and is also known as the “island of wine”. There you may get different types of wine for tasting. This island should be in your must to go list. After exploring the island you must taste the food. Auckland has a variety of foods.


To enjoy the mouth-watering and fresh cuisine one must have a tour in the local restaurant. Enjoying the beaches on the islands and tasting the local cuisine now it is time for some adventure in Auckland city. When you are in this city you should give a try to a sky jump from the sky tower. This is seriously something worth trying as an adventure.


2. Maori Culture:

Being in New Zealand if you haven’t seen the tradition of this place then your trip isn’t completed. The organized trip from the northland, Auckland, canterbury, and Rotorua gives a welcome of traditional Maori in the marae. Marae is the place where you will find this culture in detail.


In an organized trip, you will see them singing, carved meeting houses, giving speeches, and even meeting locals. To visit marae you need to take part in the organized trip. Maori are the aboriginals of New Zealand. Haka is an ancient war dance that was used on the battlefield during the war and even during the peace.


It is a display of affection to show the tribe’s pride including the tribe’s strength and unity and also use to challenge the opponent on the sports field. Haka is still used in the marae or in the Maori ceremonies to welcome the guests, to celebrate and also to show the importance of the occasion.


This haka actions are stamping foot, tongue protuberance body-slamming and loud chants. Other traditions are also followed by the Maori culture are carving, weaving, and tattooing. There are various jewelry and carving are stalked in the museums of New Zealand.


To experience the island’s adventures, beaches, cuisine as well as wines in New Zealand and even the Maori culture of New Zealand you must have a New Zealand Visa For Indians and the requirement for the visa are as follows.

Documents required:


1. Passport


2. 2 colored passport size photographs.


3. Bank Statements


4. ITR


5. Employment proof


6. Leave Letter


7. Travel Itinerary


8. Hotel Accommodation


9. If invited – Inviter’s documents



The process of New Zealand is an online process but you need to go to the VAC center for verification of your passport. There will be no bio metric or interview appointments. You have to upload your documents online in the form of a PDF. Be sure to select the tourist visa as you are going for touring and not for any business meet or work purpose.




New Zealand tourist visa is only for the holiday purpose you cannot work in new Zealand or start studying this will be called illegal and you will be punished.Leaving from India to while returning to the country you must have your passport with you all the time. Visa validity and stay in New Zealand will be mentioned on the visa.