Australia Visa Guide


After reading this visa guide, you will be able to understand are different types of Australian visas for Indian Citizens, what is the procedure for applying for Australia Visa for Indians.



The land of Kangaroo’s Australia gives a wide variety of landscapes which include deserts, rain-forests, and mountain ranges. Australia is also recognized as the largest island continent which is surrounded by the Indian & Pacific Ocean.

Australia is the country with the largest market economies.  All these factors once considered giving Australia plenty of scope to expand its horizons and make all-round +progress to make it one of the strongest economies in the world.

Australia encourages people to travel for tourism purposes as well as for studying and employment if you own an extraordinary talent which isn’t found in Australia.

Indians have started selecting Australia as the new destination for tourism, students for further studies, business meetings & attending conference and seminars, and employment is considered as an option here and become a temporary resident in Australia or apply for citizenship following a certain set of rules and meeting the required criteria.



A baby Kangaroo, when born, is just 2 centimeters long


Australian Visa for Indians is a must document for every Indian who intends to travel to Australia be it for any purpose. Based on the purpose of your travel you need to select an appropriate category. Australia offers multiple types of Visas to Indian Citizens and almost all the process related to Australia Visa is online.

The visa you receive is an e-visa. You are not required to visit the VAC center or Consulate for interview & biometrics. Though there is always an exception and same applies to Australia too.

They might call the applicants for an interview but the chances for the same are very less as they prefer to make the process easier for the applicants.

The applicant needs to take care of the documents they are submitting. It must be genuine and true. Any altered, false or misleading documents may lead to the rejection of the visa.

The maximum number of documents to be attached with the application is 60.  All the documents are to be uploaded as it is an online visa process. Documents submitted must be scanned properly in PDF format. No documents submitted must have any kind of password. After submission of the online form payment must be done online with the help of debit/credit card.

Types Of Australia Visa


The most common category for the Indians to visit Australia is the visitor category which almost covers all the requirements of the temporary visit to Australia.


  1. Subclass 600 – This class includes a visa for tourism, visiting family & friends in Australia, attending business meetings, conferences, and seminars.
  2. Subclass 771 – This class is for people who transit through Australia while traveling to a third country.


Apart from these, there are many other visa categories for the students and for people who need to take up work in Australia for a temporary period or permanently settle there.

Australia Tourist Visa(Subclass 600) – This is the most applied Australia Visa in India. It caters almost all the temporary needs of the Indians to visit Australia.

The documentation for a visitor visa completely depends on the purpose of your travel as subclass 600 covers 4 different categories.


Mandatory documents required for Australia Visit purpose

  1. Passport
  2. Passport Size Photo
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Income Tax Returns
  6. Leave Letter


When you are traveling to Australia for tourism purpose it is necessary to hold a visa which covers the entire period of your stay in Australia.

The best part for Australia visa while applying is you do not need to hold the confirmed tickets or hotel bookings as per the Immigration Department you can book the tickets when you receive the visa it isn’t mandatory to book it, instead you can provide an itinerary based on your travel plans and make sure to mention the dates you would like to be there in Australia.

The most important factor when you visit any country for tourism purpose is to prove that you will abide by the rules of the country you are visiting and return to the home country before your visa expires, same applies to Australia too and to prove that you need to attach sufficient documents proving your return.

You are financially stable in your country and that you can cover the expenses in Australia as well as when you return to your home country.  Documents to prove your return can be:

  1. Offer letter / Appointment letter
  2. Company Papers (if self-employed)
  3. Salary Slips
  4. Financial & Social Ties in your home country.

These documents, if presented accurately, can decrease the chances of the rejection of the visa. Though these documents must not be fake, or misleading in any manner it must be completely genuine and authorized.

When you are visiting your family and friends in Australia it becomes necessary to present the documents accurately from both ends as the inviter will play a very important role in this case for approval or rejection of the visa.

Documents from India will remain the same as per the tourist category except for the detailed cover letter mentioning whom you are visiting, relation with the inviter, and the purpose of visiting them. Documents required from the inviter are as follows:

  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Visa Copy / PR Card
  4. Employment Proof
  5. Residence Proof
  6. Tax Papers

Above mentioned documents must be in a properly scanned format with all the required details and proving the relation with the invitee. Any negative remarks or records in the name of the inviter may create a problem for the applicant’s visa approval.

People visiting Australia for attending Business meetings, attending seminars, or Conference needs to apply for Visitor Visa Subclass 600. This visa allows you to enter Australia temporarily and fulfill the duties of the company.


Since it is a business meet the documents related to this visa will all be based on the company in India & Australia.


Documents required for attending Business Meetings/Conference/Seminars from India


  1. Passport
  2. Cover Letter in detail on letterhead mentioning all the required details
  3. Company Profile
  4. Company Registration Papers
  5. Job Profile (if applicable)
  6. Salary Slips
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Income Tax Returns


Documents required for attending Business Meetings/Conference/Seminars from Australia


  1. Detailed Invitation letter
  2. Company Profile
  3. Registration made to attend the meet
  4. The letter mentioning the expenses part.
  5. Air Tickets & Hotel Accommodation (if applicable)

The above-listed documents may vary based on your exact purpose, stay in Australia.

Processing time for Australia visas is 17 – 25 days and the charges are AUD 146. The stay period for this visa is normally 3 months on each arrival or as mentioned on the visa. Visa received is generally 1-year Multiple Entry.


Amazing Facts: Australia is a country with the second-highest human development index.

Australia has the aboriginals people for at least 50000 years agoSource



When you are traveling to the third country and you transit via Australia Indians need to hold Transit Visa and the category for which this visa applied must be Subclass 771.


For applying for a transit visa you must hold a valid visa for the third country and an air ticket proving your transit in Australia.


Transit Visa application is an online application you do not need to visit the VAC Center for submission of documents or biometrics.


You can always take the help and guidance of the travel agent to complete the visa process. You need to apply for the visa at least 25 days before the intended travel date.


Documentation submitted for transit visa must be in properly scanned and in a proper format to avoid any delays.


Documents required for Transit Visa

  1. Passport
  2. Photo
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Air Ticket
  5. Visa Copy of the destination country
  6. Hotel Accommodation (if applicable)
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Income Tax Returns
  9. Employment Papers
  10. Salary Slips
  11. Documents proving the purpose of travel to the third country (if applicable)


Transit Visa allows you to move out of the airport for up to 72 hours. You can visit your family and friends or even go sightseeing in nearby areas.  Transit Visa is granted upon your travel plans. Visa will be valid for a single entry in Australia.


Transit Visa is processed in 10 -12 days and the Australian Immigration department does not charge for visa. Stay Period will be of 72 hrs and visa validity will be 3 months.

Sub Class 408 Temporary Workers


Australia also invites people with extraordinary talents which are not available in Australia. Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Research, Religious, and Cultural events participants require to file a separate visa application based on the category.

They normally fall under the temporary resident visa  Subclass 408 and the visa granted to them is based on the activity they will carry out in Australia and the time taken for it to complete.

Some of the categories in Subclass 408 can also apply for a permanent resident visa if they are going to stay in Australia for a longer period if requested by the employer or if they wish to work further for Australia.

The main factor for this visa category is you must be sponsored for the activity in Australia. You need to also present the Police Clearance Certificate to prove that you do not hold any criminal records in your home country and you are free to travel to Australia.

Employment Contract becomes very important proving you are invited by an Australian Employer to carry out the activities in Australia.

Subclass 408 visa also is an online process with all the formalities completed online which includes creating the account, filling up the online form, uploading the documents, and making the payment.

You need to apply at least 30 days in advance of your intended travel date. Visa applications can be filed with the help of a travel agent as they can even guide you on documentation and processing. The visa received will be an e-visa.

Documents required for temporary Work Visa

  1. Passport
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Employment Contract
  4. Letter of Invitation
  5. Job Offer Letter
  6. Documents of Previous Employment (if applicable)
  7. Police Clearance Certificate
  8. Financial Papers
  9. Sponsorship Details from Australia

They are allowed to call up their family members as dependents in Australia provided they fulfill all the required criteria while in Australia and they hold a valid visa to invite their family.

This visa is processed in 11 -16 days with the charges of AUD 310. The stay period depends on the activity you will be taking while in Australia.

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Students opting to take further studies in Australia need to apply for Australia Student Visa. The student visa allows you to stay in Australia as per the course opted by you in Australia.

Australia Visa process is online but they might call for biometrics for certain applicants. Employed Persons can also take up the course in Australia and apply for a student visa.

You can also work for 40 hours every 2 weeks. The conditions related to this will be mentioned in the visa.

For applying for a student visa you need to hold Overseas Student Health Cover. If you are a student of below 18 years of age you need to prove welfare arrangement.

You need to clear the English Language Tests to prove you can read, write & speak English while in Australia. You can travel multiple times to Australia with this visa.

Parents can also accompany students under the age of 18 years by applying for the visa. You need to apply at least 6 weeks before your course starts.


Documents required for Student Visa

  1. Passport
  2. Photo
  3. Confirmation of Enrollment
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Educational Certificates
  6. National Identity Card
  7. Consent letter for Parents – Form 1229
  8. Parents Employment Proof
  9. Tax Papers of parents
  10. Bank Statement of parents
  11. Parent’s Passport Copy


Documents for Employed Students

  1. Employment Papers
  2. Tax Papers
  3. Financial Papers

Student Visa is processed in 35 – 40 days. The validity of the visa depends on the course you have applied for and the charges of Australian Immigration are AUD 620. Conditions for staying in Australia is mentioned in the visa. You can travel multiple times to Australia with a student visa.



Checkout the Australia Visa Fees for all the given Australia Visa’s 


Traveling to Australia is incomplete for Indians without Australia Visa. The entire visa process for Indians to Australia is online. Some categories may require you to visit the center for biometrics. All the documents uploaded must be true and correct. Australia welcomes Indians as a visitor, business purpose, student and for employment purposes. Always prefer to take the support and guidance of the travel agent for the Australia Visa Process.


We at Fly for Holidays assure you to give you complete guidance on the visitor visa process. Though the decision of the visa always relies upon wit the consulate on approval, rejection, and validity.


Role of Travel Agent


All the applicants planning to visit Australia needs to have proper knowledge and guidance for applying for the Australia Visa. The category of the visa plays a very important role while applying for the visa.


Since it is an online process and you need not visit anywhere but with the help of a trusted visa agent can make the process easier.


A travel agent will be applying on behalf of the applicant, guiding you throughout the visa application process.

  • Create an account for your application
  • Filling up the online form
  • Preparation of the cover letter
  • Guidance on the documents required
  • Verification of all the documents before submitting
  • Uploading the documents on completion of the form
  • Visa fee payment
  • Updating the applicant on the status of the visa.

Terms & Conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time.

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