California – The State With The Great Diversity And A Global Trendsetter


California, a state in the US whose culture is a global trendsetter in innovation, information, and entertainment is the most populous state in the US in the pacific region. California is the origin of the American film industry, fast food, beaches, hippie culture, car culture & the internet.


Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros Studios are also situated in California which has plenty of visitors every year. Redwood National Park, Joshua Tree National park, Kings Canyon National Park are very famous here whereas Laguna beach, and Carmel beach, are some of the exotic beaches here. Visiting California will always be a very surprising and unique experience with plenty to explore.


California has one of the richest flora & fauna. It has the largest, tallest, and oldest trees in the world. California has the greatest diversity of the climate & terrain it has six life zones. Different varieties of plants & trees can be seen across these six zones which include cactus, desert poppy, mint, tanbark oak, sugar pine, broad-leaved maple, sword fern, Jeffrey pine, red fir, eucalyptus, acacia, primrose, and alpine buttercup.


Jackrabbit, Kangaroo rat, antelope, ring-tailed cat, are the mammals seen in deserts whereas the transition zone has black-tailed deer, gray foxes, bobcats, and Roosevelt elk. Also, you can see the mule deer, coyote, mountain lion, and several species of hawk & sparrow in several zones. All these things amaze us and make us wonder whether can we visit there and will we able to explore this natural beauty of California. Certain things can never be missed out on your visit to California and to visit California you need to hold a valid US visa for Indians


Redwood National Park is a park with beautiful woodland, rivers & coastline and is also a UNESCO recognized world heritage site. The trees here are tallest & oldest in the US. The wildlife here is extremely varied with rare species of mammals such as black bear, coyote, beaver, black-tailed deer, and elk.


Along the coastline, we can find California Sea lions, Stellar Sea lions, and harbor seals whereas brown pelicans and double-crested cormorants are found on the cliffs. Tidewater goby, bald eagle, northern spotted owl, Chinook salmon, and stellar’s sea lion are the endangered species. Huckleberry, blackberry, and salmonberry trees provide food for many animal species here.


Joshua Tree National Park is in southeast California near Palm Springs. This park is named for the Joshua trees found here that are native to the Mojave Desert. This park has two deserts based on the elevation, the higher Mojave Desert, and the lower Colorado desert.


Mojave desert has a special habitat of Joshua Tree on which the park is named. You can find here interesting geological displays, hills of bare rock broken into boulders which are popular for rock climbing and scrambling.  The flatland between the hills is forested with Joshua tree, boulder piles, and skull rock make the views like of otherworld. In the inner parts of the park, you will find pinon pine, California juniper, scrub oak, tucker’s oak.


Colorado desert is below 3000 feet eastern part of the park with the habitats of creosote bush scrub, ocotillo, saltbush, yucca, and Chola cactus. The lower part of the part towards the southern side has desert dunes and sandy soil grasslands.


More than 250 species of birds can be found in this park including roadrunner,  cactus wren, mocking bird, verdin, and Gambel’s quail. Animals such as snakes, bighorn sheep, kangaroo rats, coyotes, jackrabbits, bobcats can be seen here.


Kings Canyon National Park is an American National Park is characterized by some of the steepest vertical relief and recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO. More than 1,200 species of plants are found in this park. Due to the range in elevation, there are several plant communities. Oak, Sycamores, willows, and various hardwoods are found at lower elevations. Middle elevations have ponderosa pine, incense cedar, white fir, and sugar pine. Towards the higher elevation, we can find whitebark pine, mountain hemlock, red fir, lodgepole pine, and foxtail pine are found.


This forest has plenty of mammals habitats here such as mule deer, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, black bears, and birds such as Gray-crowned rosy-finches and American pipits. King Canyon Park has a large stand of sequoias which includes General Grant the second largest tree on this planet. King Canyon provides the opportunity for mountain climbing, hiking, canyoneering for adventurous people.


Laguna Beach, a coastal city located in Orange County, California. It is known for scenic coves, environmental preservation, galleries & beaches. Beyond the beach, there is a home to 20,000 acres of beautiful wilderness for adventurous exploration. Mountain biking trails, hiking, hills, and marine sanctuaries are the places to discover on your visit to the beach.


The main beach has tide pools and the boardwalk leading to paths & gardens of Heisler Park whereas, Aliso beach park is a popular surfing spot for the visitors. The waters at Crystal Cove State Park are for underwater parks.


Carmel Beach, the most iconic spot with white sands and blue oceans. For people who love surfing, this is the perfect spot the view of the water is mind-blowing. Point Lobos to the south & Pebble Beach to the north makes an incredible ride with crystal clear water. Scenic Bluff Path is a gravel pathway above Carmel Beach with access to the white sand.


Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, is a must-visit while in California. The orange frame & blue waters are an amazing sight. It is very popular with the pedestrians & bicyclists and is built with a walkway on either side with six vehicle lanes. This bridge carries around 1,12,000 vehicles per day.


Sailing along the waterfront under the golden gate bridge and around Alcatraz island in cruise is a very famous activity opted by the visitors here. In this 1 hour cruising, you get to see dolphins, sea lions, whales, and pelicans. Beautiful view of a hillside of Presidio & Crissy field.


Seaworld San Diego is an animal theme park, oceanarium, aquarium, and marine mammal park for the family visitors and is amongst the top ten theme parks in California, US.


Some of the shows here with the animals are very interesting and unique wherein Orca Encounter highlights the whales and their lives. Dolphin Days allows visitors to meet the whale & dolphin family. Sea Rescue is an indoor theatre showing the episodes of sea world & sea rescue saving injured marine animals. Famous rides here are Bayside sky ride, Ocean explorer, Shipwreck Rapids, Sky tower, Electric Eel, Emperor, and journey to Atlantis.