Top 7 Things to do on Holidays to Crete


Crete’s deep rooted history and natural history created great interest in holidaymakers. This largest Greek Island is one of the top favorites with specifically Brits and other international travelers. The history Greece is incomplete without this island. Home to Europe’s early Minoan civilization, this wonderful island boasts numerous historical sites and fantastic beaches. You will have an opportunity-rich Mediterranean food on a Holiday. Grab the exciting offers on Cheap Holidays to Crete to explore the below attractions.


Holidays to Crete – Explore Chania Town


Crete Island has witnessed the rule of powerful Venetian and Ottoman empires. It gives a glimpse of the past associated with the island. Chania often considered as the cultural center has many landmark sites that share you fascinating tales of the island. The town is the blend of both Venetian and Ottoman-era buildings, with a lighthouse in the port and a Mosque. There are numerous sites worth exploring on a Holidays to Crete which comprise Jewish and Turkish quarters, Venetian fortifications and the Arsenals.


Archaeological Wonders in Crete


Just five kilometers of Heraklion, you will discover the wonderful Palace of Knossos. It is the archaeological wonder, discovered by the renowned British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. It gives a clear picture of Minoan’s lifestyle, perhaps Europe’s oldest civilization. The rooms of the palace are well organized and also admire the art crafts excavated from this region. You will find all them in the Heraklion museum, which comprise pottery elements, figurines, vessels and numerous articles. This palace is the must visit sight on Crete Holidays.


Heraklion Museum


Discover some 5000 years old artifacts found in the museum of Heraklion on Crete Holidays. It is extremely popular in the Europe; the treasures of Minoan civilizations are on display here. Appreciate antique collection of Minoan era; admire the world’s most ancient civilization on your visit.


Samaria Gorge is the largest one in entire Europe. It is one of the wonderful sites worth discovering on an All Inclusive Holidays to Crete. Completely surrounded by towering mountains peppered with verdant greenery, this sight is the obvious choice of nature lovers. With abundance of waters, wonderful climate and wildlife takes you to the world of great imagination. Around 4800 hectares of area comes under the purview of National park of Samaria.


Elafonisi – The magical beach


Elafonisi is the most amazing beach in the Europe, with pink and white sands. The beach offers you the gorgeous views, where shallow lagoon gets separated from the island. It is one of the top favorite, idyllic for families, its shallow waters gives enough freedom to kids to involve in playful activities. The irregular rock formations add great beauty to the island, further providing great space to relax. There is a monastery and lighthouse pretty close to the beach to explore on a Crete Holiday.


To reach this former leper colony on Spinalonga Island, you must a boat from Plaka. The magnificent colony is the well preserved castle, a haven for leprosy patients. It is also called as the “island of lepers.” The people affected from leprosy in the mainstream are sent to the island. After 1960’s it has become a fascinating attraction to explore. Its winding streets, gorgeous views are best experiences on Holidays to Crete.