US Business Visa For Indians

A country of highly developed as well as a mixed economy and a second-largest economy is a boon for countries/people sharing corporate relations with the US.

The US is also recognized as a second-largest trading nation making it the largest importer of goods and the second-largest exporter of goods.

A country that is technologically most powerful, having the most used currency in the world for international transactions.

The New York Stock exchange and NASDAQ are the world’s largest stock exchange markets. All these play a very important role in the development and economy of the country.


Business Visa for the USA

  • Traveling from India to the US for business meetings/conference/training sessions with the partner company all these purposes requires you to have a valid visa for travel. B1, Non – immigrant category is a valid visa for you to travel to the US for business-related purposes.


Steps for applying Business Visa for the USA

  • US Business Visa form is an online form DS-160 which is to be filled up on the US website. US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website is an official website. The category for applying Business Visa is Non-Immigrant B1.
  • Before starting with the DS-160 you need to be ready with some first-hand details related to your application. Keep your Passport, Employment details, Invite details handy. Though you are always allowed to complete the form in parts by saving the details entered and a unique reference number generated at the start of the form. After logging in again you can continue from where you left earlier and complete the form at your convenience
  • Once you have completed with DS-160 form next step will be to pay the Immigration fees of 11,520/- which is paid online with the help of a debit/credit card. Make sure to save the receipt of the successful payment as well as the unique number generated.
  • The next step is to take 2 appointments, one for biometrics and the other one being for a consular interview. Biometrics will take place at your nearby VFS center, whereas the interview with the consulate officer will take place at any of one among the 5 centers in India.
  • On the day of appointment for biometrics, you need to carry an Original Passport (old if any), a copy of an appointment letter, a DS-160 form, and 2 photographs as specified by the consulate.
  • Interview day – D Day for getting the visa approved or rejected. On the day of the interview, you need to carry an Original Passport (old if any), copy of an appointment letter, DS-160 form, biometrics receipt, and related documents according to your application. Questions asked by the consular will be based on the DS-160 form, your employment, and the reason for traveling to the US.
  • Make sure to answer all the questions asked by the consulate officer and the answers given in the DS-160 form and asked in person must not differ. It is always advisable, to be honest, and true to the best of your knowledge. Any misleading or wrong information given to the consular based on your application may lead to the rejection of the application.
  • Renewal of the US Business Visa

    • Renewal of the Business allows the applicant to be exempted from biometrics and interview however the decision can be otherwise as this decision is completely taken by the consulate. Renewal Visa has a dropbox facility at the nearby VFS center. For the renewal of the US Business Visa, you need to fill up an online application form DS-160. After completion of the form You need to may an online payment of INR 11,520/- An online receipt will be generated for the payment. The next step will be to schedule an appointment at the VFS center.
    • On the day of appointment for Dropbox, you need to carry Current Passport (Expired Passports), copy of an Appointment letter, copy of DS – 160 form, 2 photographs with white background and a dimension of 2-inch x 2 inches covering 80% face, matt finish and face clearly visible with hair tied behind not covering ears. After submission of documents and Passports, you will generally receive the visa in 8-10 days.
    • Note: Renewal can be done 6 months before the expiry of the visa or within 1 year of the expiry of the visa.

    Points to Remember

    • All the details filled in the DS-160 form must be true and correct.
    • Mistakes in the DS-160 form may cause a delay in the processing of the application, whether it may be a new visa application or a renewal. To avoid such delay take proper guidance and advice before submission of the application.
    • Documents submitted for processing an application must be genuine. Fake, Altered, Misleading or Invalid Documents may lead to refusal of the visa.
    • Rejection of the visa may cause a problem in the future for applying for the US Visa as well it may affect any other country visa you are applying for Hence, it becomes necessary to provide the right details to the best of your knowledge.

    Eligibility for US Business Visa

    Planning to apply for a US Business Visa. It becomes necessary to check the eligibility for the same. To check your eligibility you need to meet certain criteria as follows:

    • You must hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months when you enter the US.
    • You must prove that you are financially stable in your home country as well you are eligible for business meetings/conferences arranged by your company in the US.
    • You need to prove your social and economic ties, with relation to your business or employer in your home country to assure your return back.

Documents required for US Business Visa

  • Original Passport (Current & Expired)
  • Cover Letter in detail on the company letterhead mentioning the purpose of business visits to the US.
  • Last 6 months attested Company Bank Statement
  • Last 3 years company Income Tax Returns
  • Invitation Letter to attend Business Meetings/Conference/Training Sessions from the US.
  • Invite company’s detailed profile
  • If you are an employee from an Indian Company then advisable to attach the last 3 months’ salary slip, last 6 months attested personal bank statement, and leave letter/NOC from the company.


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Photo Specifications

  • Dimension for the photo must 2-inch x 2 inches
  • Must not be older than 6 months
  • Color Photo. No black & white photos are allowed
  • Face clearly visible with hair tied behind and ears not covered
  • White Background and matt finish
  • 80% face coverage
  • Glasses to be avoided
  • Headgears not allowed except for religious reasons.

Processing Time:

Processing time for the visa differs category-wise, however, a business visa for the US will take around 7-8 days once the interview with the consulate officer is over.

If any other documents or extra information is required related to the case then it may consume more time to get processed.  The entire procedure may be of around 30-35 days including filling of DS-160 form, an appointment for biometrics and an appointment with the consular. However maximum time is between the biometrics and interview which is normally around 20 -25 days.

The more your documents are in place more the easier it will be to get processed.

US Business visa fees for Indians


B1 – Business / Conference 06 Months 10 Years Rs.14,160/-

B1 – Business / Conference

06 Months 10 Years Rs.14,160/-


Centers to Apply for Business Visa

  • An application form is submitted online whereas biometrics take place at your nearby VFS Center and for an interview with the consular you need to visit US Embassy in New Delhi, or US Consulate General at Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, or Kolkata it can be selected based on the location you are residing


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Steps to check the status of the US Business Visa

  • After submission of the passport and interview tracking of the application can be done online by visiting the online portal at CEAC Website by using your DS-160 number and interview location.
  • You can also mail to by mentioning your name and passport number in the mail.
  • Once the passport is ready for collection at the center selected by you while taking an appointment you need to visit the same center with an original government id and a xerox of the same to collect the passport.
  • A passport can also be collected by the travel agent or a representative appointed by you. For a representative or a travel agent to collect the passport, you need to give an authority letter in original, a xerox of your government ID and a representative or a travel agent need to carry their government ID and a xerox of the same.

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US Business Visa FAQ’s

1. When can I apply for Business Visa?
There is no specific period to apply for US Business Visa however, you are advised to apply 60 days before the travel to avoid last-minute hassles.
2. What are the mandatory documents required for the US Business Visa?
• Original Passport(Current & Expired) • DS-160 form • Cover letter on company letterhead. • Invitation letter • Inviting Company Profile • Company Bank Statement of the last 6 months attested by the bank • Company Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years • Leave Letter/NOC from the Employer
3. Do I require to pass any medical tests?
No, there are no medical tests required for the US Business Visa.
4. Is Travel Insurance a Mandatory document?
No, Travel Insurance is not a mandatory document however, it is advisable to issue one before traveling.
5. How long can you stay in the US on Business Visa?
You can stay a maximum of 180 days with a valid Business Visa. However, US CBP officials at the port will decide the actual duration of the stay. Officials at the port have the authority to allow or disallow you in the US.
6. Can I take employment/ work with my valid Business Visa?
No, you are not allowed to take up any kind of employment or work with this visa. You need to strictly the purpose of your visit.
7. Can I do tourist activities while holding a Business Visa?
Yes, you can do any tourist activity while holding a valid business visa as a B1 visa is issued as B1/B2 on the passport which allows you to carry tourist activity and do not need to have another tourist visa.
8. Can I extend my US Business Visa?
Yes, you can extend the US Business Visa before the expiry of the current visa. However, the final decision on the extension lies with the embassy-based on factors such as immigration status, purpose, and finance. You need to submit the entire application like the original submitted in your home country. Incase if the extension is rejected you need to exit the country before the expiry of the visa.
9. Are Air Tickets & Hotel Bookings mandatory for Business Visa?
No, Air Tickets and Hotek Bookings are not mandatory while applying. It is advisable to book the same once your visa gets approved.
10. Can I apply for express service for US Business Visa?
No, there is no such facility of express service for US Business Visa. Express service is available only on medical grounds.
11. Can I reapply if my visa gets Rejected?
Yes, you can reapply immediately after your visa gets rejected however if your circumstance remains the same as earlier then you may face the rejection again. If you still wish to reapply then provide additional documents making your case stronger.
12. Are the Visa fees refunded?
No, Visa fees once paid is non-refundable.

Terms & conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time


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